Meeting Programme

Wednesday, April 3rd

10:30h             Depart from Atocha

13:30-14:00h  Arrival and check in

14:30-15:30h  Lunch

15:30-16:30h  Keynote Lecture

Dra. Muriel Mari (Aarhus University, DK)

16:30-17:30h  Opening Ceremony

17:30-18:30h  Session I: Mechanisms of Autophagy

Chairs: Caroline Mauvezin and Felipe Pimentel

17:30h-17:50h An STK4-LC3B-FYCO1 axis regulates the directional transport of  autophagosomes (Id21)

José Luis Nieto Torres

17:50h-18:10h One autophagy list to bind them all  (Id29)

Álvaro Fernández Fernández

18:10h-18:30h Natural bioactive compounds activating autophagy: allies against glycation-derived damage (Id6)

Eloy Bejarano Fernández

18:30-19:00h  Coffee Break

19:00-20:00h  Session II: Mechanisms of Autophagy

Chairs: Caroline Mauvezin and Felipe Pimentel

19:00h-19:20h Redox-mediated activation of ATG3 promotes ATG8 lipidation and autophagy progression in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (Id28) 

Manuel Jesús Mallén Ponce

19:20h-19:40h Dissecting the central role of autophagy in metabolic reprograming for stress adaptation in the model microalga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (Id20)

Samuel Gámez Arcas

19:40h-20:00h FaTGA9 transcription factor induces expression of ATG8 and affects fruit ripening in Fragaria x ananassa (strawberry) (Id34)

Victoria Sánchez Vera

20:00h-20:20h Lipophagy as a stress adaptation mechanism in the new extremophilic green microalga Chlamydomonas urium (Id18)

Yosu Odriozola Gil

20:30-21:30h  Dinner

21:45h             Posters


Thursday, April 4th

8:00h               Breakfast

9:00-10:00h    Keynote Lecture

Dr. Jörn Dengjel (University of Fribourg, CH)

10:00-11:20h  Session III: Physiological Roles of Autophagy

Chairs Esther Pérez Pérez and Raúl Durán

10:00h-10:20h Activation of muscle autophagy promotes muscle fitness and metabolic health during aging (Id3)

David Sebastian Muñoz

10:20h-10:40h Mitophagy curtails cytosolic mtDNA-dependent activation of cGAS/STING inflammation during aging (Id5)

Juan Ignacio Jiménez Loygorri

10:40h-11:00h An unconventional autophagic pathway that inhibits ATP secretion during apoptotic cell death (Id46)

Felipe Pimentel-Muiños

11:00h-11:20h Altered EGFR Trafficking and Autophagic Response in Myotonic Dystrophy Type (Id31)

Eva Alegre Cortés

11:20-12:45h  Coffee Break and Posters

13h                  Depart to “Monasterio de Yuste”

13:20-13:30h Group photo

13:30-14:15h  Guided Tour “Monasterio de Yuste”

15:00-16:00h  Lunch

16:00-17:20h  Session IV: Autophagy and Disease_Metabolism

Chairs: Esther Pérez Pérez and Raúl Durán

16:00h-16:20h Boosting lipophagy to improve the immune response in alcoholic steatohepatitis (ASH) (Id1)

Marina García Macia

16:20h-16:40h Genetic inhibition of Tribbles pseudokinase 3 enhances steatohepatitis and its progression to hepatocellular carcinoma via lipophagy inhibition and increased inflammation (Id42)

Gutiérrez-Jiménez, Óscar

16:40h- 17:00h AGILENT

Seahorse XF and other technologies to study Autophagy and Mitochondrial quality - Exploring Agilent Cell Analysis Technologies in Autophagy

Miriam Contreras Mostazo

17:00h-17:20h Resveratrol protects from insulin resistance-associated obesity through mTORC1 downregulation in iLIRKO mice (Id11)

Carlos Guillén Viejo

17:20-18:00h  Coffee Break

18:00-19:40h  Session V: Autophagy and disease_Neuro

Chairs: Ricardo Escalante and Patricia Gómez-Asuaga

18:00h-18:20h Regulation of neuronal autophagy by CPT1C-SAC1 complex through nutrient sensing (Id8)

Rut Fadó

18:20h-18:40h A new perspective in using iron chelators in Retinitis Pigmentosa models: DFP rescues from MNU treatment inhibiting parthanatos-mediated cell death (Id10)

Juan Zapata Muñoz

18:40h-19:00h Autophagy Activation in Oligodendrocytes Is Important to Maintain Homeostasis in Zebrafish Optic Nerve Regeneration (Id12)

Cristina Pérez Montes

19:00h-19:20h Neuroprotection and longevity: Optimizing mitochondrial quality through acorn cupule extract in neurodegenerative processes (Id38)

Mercedes Blanco Benítez

19:20h-19:40h Autophagy-phagocytosis crosstalk in microglia in physiology and ischemic stroke pathology (Id19)

Ainhoa Plaza


19:40-20:40h  SEFAGIA General Assembly

21.00h             Dinner. Parador.


Friday, April 5th

8:00                 Breakfast

9:00-10:00h    Keynote Lecture

Dr. Kevin Ryan (Beatson Cancer Research Institute, UK)

10:00-11:00h  Session VI: Autophagy and disease _Cancer

Chairs: Silvia Vega-Rubin-de-Celis and Mar Lorente

10:00h-10:20h PRKAR1A facilitates cancer cell motility via FAM134B and ER-phagy (Id2)

Natalia Jiménez Moreno

10:20h-10:40h Identification of a novel mechanism involved in the increased levels of IL-1β in response to Rac1 inhibition (Id47)

Angélica Martínez López

10:40h-11:00h TECPR1: a tethering factor that enhances the progression of localized prostate cancer to metastasis (Id48)

Álvaro Gutiérrez Uzquiza

11:00-12:00h  Coffee Break and Posters 

12:00-13:00h  Session VII: Autophagy and disease _Cancer

Chairs: Silvia Vega-Rubin-de-Celis and Mar Lorente

12:00h-12:20h Pharmacological blockade of the Midkine/ALK axis in combination with cannabinoids triggers autophagy-mediated Glioma initiating cells death and could be a therapeutic strategy to fight Glioblastoma (Id43)

Tovar Ambel E

12:20h-12:40h Effect of metabolic dysregulation on glioblastoma growth and autophagy resolution (Id14)

Ignacio González López Zepero

12:40h-13:00h Peptide-mediate inhibition of pericyte chaperone-mediated autophagy promotes glioblastoma cell elimination (Id13)

Rut Valdor Alonso


13:00-13:30h  Concluding remarks


Award for the best oral communication and the best poster.

The "Caty Casas" Special Award 

14:00-15:00h  Lunch

15:15h             Depart to Atocha