Dear colleagues,

It is with great pleasure to invite you on behalf of the Board of the Spanish Society of Autophagy (SEFAGIA), Organizing Committee and Scientific Committee, to the SEFAGIA 2020 Congress, to be held in Cáceres (Spain) from 4 to 6 March 2020.

The Organizing Committee, along with the SEFAGIA board, wish this event to be a moment of important scientific networking, in which researchers and students can get in contact with some of the most promising researchers in Autophagy and learn about recent exciting developments in the field. The aim of this SEFAGIA 2020 Congress is to integrate diverse perspectives on the function of autophagy from the fields of plants, genetics, cell biology, oncology, infection and immunity, metabolism, neurodegeneration and drug discovery, among others.

We believe your presence and participation would be of great interest to the SEFAGIA 2020 Congress. Moreover, our Congress may be also an exciting opportunity for you to stand out and to expand your contact network through personal interactions, particularly in Spain. This SEFAGIA 2020 Congress  will be an excellent opportunity to discuss networking and scientific consortia to expand visibility and impact of your research.

SEFAGIA 2020 Congress is held in Cáceres. The "Monumental City of Cáceres" was declared by the Council of Europe as the Third Monumental Complex of Europe in 1968 (after Prague and Tallinn) and World Heritage by Unesco in 1986. Cáceres also has other awards: Pomme d 'Or to "Tourism Merit", awarded by the International Federation of Tourism Journalists and Writers in 1996; Les Etoiles d'Or du Jumelage, awarded by the European Commission in 1999 .

We hope and wish to see you in Cáceres, and we are confident that you will enjoy your stay both scientifically and socially in our city.

With friendly regards,

Jose Manuel Fuentes Rodriguez
Chair Organizing Committee
SEFAGIA 2020 Congress
Cáceres, 4-6 March, 2020